I am a person centred counsellor, trained to see the personal growth potential in us all.  I offer a confidential, non-judgemental environment.  Some people are able to overcome adversity while others struggle.  Counselling enables us to look at how the past has influenced decisions that are made in the present.   Human beings are adept at seeing things in extremes, ignoring. minimising, justifying and laughing off problems in order to meet expectations of others.  Sometimes this can mask a profound unhappiness which can manifest itself in physical illness, depression, relationship difficulties etc..

Sometimes as children our curiosity is discouraged and we may grow to believe that others’ feelings are more important than ours, so as adults we neglect to listen to ourselves.  Counselling is about really hearing yourself and not having to worry about how it will affect someone else.  Your perception of the problem is as important as the problem itself.

Talking to a counsellor who is removed from the situation, with no emotional involvement, means you can begin your story at whichever starting point you choose.  Counselling can help focus on what the problem is and what it is like for you to be experiencing it.  With increased awareness comes the possibilities of self-acceptance and doing something to change your situation if that is what you wish to do.

I have experience working with addictions, anxiety, bereavement and loss, childhood abuse, depression, domestic violence, eating disorders, gender dysphoria, gender fluid, gender neutral, low self-esteem, OCD, self-harm, sexual identity and suicidal thoughts, stress, trauma and work place issues.  Counselling is an effective means of help, enabling clients to feel more positive and able to engage with life again.